Together we are Stronger 


About Parent2Parent 

Parent2parent is a community group run by 3 small ladies with the vision for giving back. 

As a school approaches each year in September parents worry about getting their children off to a good start. Our vision is to provide over 100 homes in the community with basic back to school supplies. 

These supplies would include: 

           Pens, pencils, line paper, rulers, whiteout, markers, erasers, crayons etc.

By word of mouth, flyers and door to door canvassing, Parent2Parent aims to direct individuals to local merchants ( for example Dollarama, Wal-Mart and Staples) and revenue would be generated to them and product provided for us. 

In June local Schools will be given information on Parent2Parent to distribute in report cards, so that parents who require our assistance might get in contact with us. Building Managers and social services would also get this information.