Where Caring ​from the Heart​​ is Key 


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Adding to the quality of Life for Seniors by providing reliable, compassionate care where caring is key.

Annie's Gentle Care is dedicated to adding to the quality of life for Seniors/young at heart within the community, by providing reliable and compassionate care.

As you go about your daily task of being a caregiver wondering, "When will I have time for me?". Annie's offer those worry free hours, so that you might take the time to pamper yourself (spa/lunch out with friends or just a couple of hours of "me time".

We all wonder who will take care of our loved ones when we can't? Do not worry, we will "step in" when you "step out", providing that guiltless worry free break, where caring is key.

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Our Products and Services

Annie's Gentle Care provides these supervised services to the clients

Providing assistance with personal care


One on one visits

Retirement home/Hospital visits


Foot Care 

Shopping for you / with you

Mall Outings 






Light housekeeping

“I have known Annie for 16 years. Throughout that time she has worked with me

as a housekeeper and at times as a highly qualified, skilled and empathetic Personal Support

Worker. An entrepreneur, small business owner and lifelong learner, ‘Annie’ constantly seeks

challenges in order to grow and derives satisfaction from making a meaningful difference in

clients’ lives. I cannot speak more highly of her character and work ethic. A self-starter, she

frequently undertakes tasks that are above and beyond what might be expected. She is

trustworthy, reliable, honest and committed to self-improvement. Annie’s Gentle Care is

exactly as advertised!” 

Jacqueline K

Client and friend

Director of High Fives, Apple

Known to my family for over 15 years. Annies has proven to be extremely trustworthy and reliable Trusted with access to our home we have no hesitation in recommending Annie

 Karen W

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Although we have only known Annie for a few years we immediately found her services to be kind gentle and compassionate and certainly very loving.

We were very happy to have her come into the life of a very special friend of ours-she certainly gave her lots of tender, loving care in the last 2 years of her life for which we were very grateful-and now we are also enjoying her kind and gentle care.

The name of this company could not be more on point

''Gentle Care" Indeed the best....

Joyce & Mary B

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor